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~ ~ 7th Anniversary Photo Contest ~ ~


* You must have an Amazon or PayPal because the prize will be a $100 credit to either account!
* Must be a photo toy figure(s). You can use any articulated figures as long as it’s not statue(s). You can make it action pack, comedy, horror, or the cutest and sweetest picture.
* You can use photoshop, just don’t over do it and loose the essence of photography.
* No word bubbles. We rather have you tell a story visually than literal word caption. A picture is worth a thousand words.
* Photos must be AT LEAST 1200 x 800 pixels.
* The photo must be owned and photographed by the entrant.
* Must be new photo
* Only 1 entry per person is allowed
* Entry is open to photographers in all countries.
* By submitting your photo, you give us permission to publish your photo in this site with your name or alias credited. Also include your website/twitter/Instagram/Facebook/etc if you want to share your awesome work!
* Entries should be sent by Midnight (EST) on Nov 21, 2016.
* Photo entries should be sent via email to theonecam@ymail.com with subject “7th Anniversary Photo Contest” or Facebook message (NOT WALL POST).

There will be five judges. 3 will be my graphic design friends and still looking for 2 more but definitely all won’t be part the toy community to avoid bias that’s why I won’t be part of the judging process. There will be one winner to rule them all! If there’s a good turn out, we’ll add 2nd and 3rd prize. Take your time! You have a month to do this. If you’re photo looks like every other photos out there, expect it to get lost in the sea of toy photos. Don’t just emulate, be inspired. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

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