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~ To Know Her is to Fear Her! The Sensational Spider-Woman ~

Spider-Woman | Exposed from long exposures of uranium as a child, Jessica Drew became terminally ill. She was the infused with experimental drug from irradiated spider’s blood and incubated which resulted to age deceleration and super human abilities. Captured by Hydra, she was brainwashed and became of their agents. Learning Hydra’s true intentions, Jessica turned against them and became the Spider-Woman! The figure Spider-Woman figure is a modified Marvel Legends of the same figure from the 2015 Thanos Series


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  1. Posted March 10, 2015 at 1:02 am | #

    Ewww dats nassssttyyyyyy
    Great to see you back with new photos, @theOneCam! Brilliant custom too! Please keep up the cool shots. Don’t quit the game, the hood needs you