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~ Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning ~

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning | Square Enix starts their new Play Arts “Kai” edition with Final Fantasy XIII with more articulation and larger scale. Improved? Depends how you look at it. Lightning, FF13’s female protagonist, measures aaround 9″. The new joint additions to these updated versions are double hinged knees, ball and post shoulders, and 2 ball torso joints which will give you a wider range of movement. Unfortunately, as with the previous Play Arts action figures, some of the joints are loose and floopy even if they just came out of the box. The figure also suffers from production inconsistencies like plastic fringes on the hair from the mold and spotty painting. Check the figure before you buy, especially with it’s new suggested retail price of $40. So if you like the game or the series, it’s a no brainer that it’s a must have. I got mine at Image Anime.

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