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~ Marvel Legends: Thunderbolts | Moonstone ~

Thunderbolts | Moonstone — A San Diego Comic Con 2013 Exclusive Box Set. The Heroic Age Thunderbolts team consist of rehabilitating criminals based out of The Raft, a maximum security super prison. They are supporter by Songbird, Mach V, Fixer as their handlers and Luke Cage as the team leader.Karla Sofen, aka Moonstone, was a psychiatrist who absorbed the power of moonstones that granted her super human abilities.

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Moonstone Santana has a ball joint neck but her hair limits a wider range of movement.


She has a swivel-hinged shoulders; peg-single hinged elbows; swivel wrists with peg-hinged hands; mid-torso ball joint; swivel-hinged hip joints but due to lower body sculpt, the leg movement is a bit restricted; double-hinged knees; hinged ankle with peg-swivel feet that works like an ankle rocker.



She stands about 6¼” in height.


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