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~ Marvel Legends: Thunderbolts | Luke Cage ~

Thunderbolts | Luke Cage — A San Diego Comic Con 2013 Exclusive Box Set. The Heroic Age Thunderbolts team consist of rehabilitating criminals based out of The Raft, a maximum security super prison. They are supporter by Songbird, Mach V, Fixer as their handlers and Luke Cage as the team leader. Luke undergoes through experimental medical procedures that increases his body’s cellular regeneration allowing him to gain super human abilities.

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Luke has a hinged with a ball joint neck so he has a wide range of head movement.


He has swivel-hinged shoulders; swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows;  swivel wrists with peg-hinged hands; hinged torso for ab crunch; swivel waist; peg-swivel-hinged hips;  cut-swivel thighs; double-hinged knees; cut -swivel calf; hinged ankle with peg-swivel feet that works like an ankle rocker.



He stands about 7″ in height.


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