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~ New York Comic Con 2013 | The Event ~

New York Comic Con 2013 | The Event: Part ONE of our NYCC 2013 coverage — The Con… a site of amazement that had us running around like children — where a sea of people sway at all corners with posters and collectibles in hand, and maybe even wearing a cowl. It never gets old and always a geeky pleasure to scurry around while trying to see what new figures and comics are coming out… and  free swags too of course! It is fun all around with the usual costumes to the perfect maddening detail in cosplay and the big wigs strutting their stuff while tossing posters everywhere. It’s surreal and still unbelievable how different it is every year while still being the same. Comic Con is like a baby clown shark dressed in a cat outfit, funny, scary, awww inducing and tons of fun. Can’t wait to go again and hope to see ya there! See the awesome madness below!.

~ Randy | WGMeets
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Photos by theOneCam, WGMeets, and Justin.Marquez

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You can check more of Justin Marquez’s NYCC Photo Coverage HERE. It is different from what you’ll see here so go check it out!

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